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If you’re like most people, you’re probably unsure how to find the best lawyer for your case. You may wonder whether a well-known lawyer from another city or state would be more helpful than a local lawyer.

While an out-of-state lawyer may sound appealing, a local lawyer may be equally or even more qualified to help you with your situation. Don’t make the mistake of paying thousands of dollars in additional expenses and giving up the advantages of a local attorney.

A Local Attorney will Save You Money

Most lawyers will bill you for travel expenses. If they’re not local, you’ll be spending a significant sum of money on travel time, hotel costs, and meals in addition to the usual legal expenses. They also may have higher overhead costs if they’re from a more expensive area or work for a more well-known firm.

A local lawyer is more likely to have overhead expenses at the local market rate. They don’t have to travel as far, so they’ll have lower expenses.

A Local Attorney is More Accessible

In addition to having lower expenses, a local lawyer is more likely to be available to meet you in person. They’ll be able to handle a meeting and address any questions you may have more easily.

On the other hand, a lawyer who is farther away will be less accessible. It will be harder for them to meet your needs, and there may be fewer chances to discuss your concerns.

In any legal matter, it is important to be able to communicate well with your legal representation, and any additional barriers are not ideal.

A Local Attorney will Support Your Community

If you’re like many people, you enjoy supporting local businesses. Hiring a local professional of any kind means your money will circulate back into the surrounding area. A local lawyer will hire local support staff, pay local taxes, and spend their money at local stores and restaurants.

A Local Attorney is More Comfortable in Your Courtroom

Different courts have different rules of practice. These may include an increased emphasis on certain laws or legal practices, filing deadlines, and hours of operation.

Local attorneys typically have experience with local courts. They know the way the courtroom is run, and they’re more likely to be able to lead you into court proceedings with confidence.

A Local Attorney has More Helpful Connections

Local Attorney has More Helpful ConnectionsLocal attorneys usually attend conferences and other events in which they get to know other local attorneys and judges. They’re more likely to know the opposing lawyer, the judge, and key expert witnesses such as forensic staff.

A local attorney is more likely to know the judge’s personality and preferences. This doesn’t mean the judge would favor a local lawyer, but it does mean a local lawyer may have a better sense of how to position your case.

A Local Attorney can get Good Results in “Big Cases”

Larger cities like aren’t the only ones with excellent legal talent. A qualified local attorney may be able to represent you just as well as a well-known attorney from another state.

The local lawyer probably charges a lower rate for the same services because they have fewer overhead costs. An equally qualified Everett lawyer may be less expensive than a Seattle or San Francisco lawyer, even without taking into account the smaller transportation expenses, simply because of the lower cost of office space.

Pro tip: Don’t assume the law firm is local from the telephone number. Many large law firms set up satellite offices in different states. These offices have a local telephone number and show up on local Google searches, but may not actually have staff in the area.

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