Relocation with Children

Parenting Plan & Relocation with Children

Sometimes parents need to move. When parents are subject to a parenting plan/residential schedule for their children (in Washington State), there is standard language in that order addressing the requirements a primary residential parent needs to follow in order to relocate outside the child’s current school district (or further) with the child.

Prior to relocation with a child, the primary custodial parent must file a Notice of Intended Relocation and serve the other parent (or any other party with visitation rights with a child). The other parent/party then has the opportunity to object to the relocation. If an objection is filed/served, a hearing must be held to determine whether or not the relocation will be allowed temporarily. If agreement cannot be reached, a final determination would be made through a trial.

Both Laurie Ummel and Geoff Gibbs have extensive experience with relocation cases and trials, representing both the relocating and non-relocating parent/party.

Contact us for a consultation if you are considering relocating or need to respond to a Notice of Intended Relocation.


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