Post-Secondary Support

Post-Secondary Educational Support

Post Secondary Support refers to support paid by parents for their adult children who are still dependent because they are attending college and seeking a degree or training for a trade (absent a support order that has already addressed it this issue).

Post-secondary support is never automatic (unless it was specifically provided for in the existing support order), and cannot be court ordered for parents who are married.

Post-secondary support only applies for parents who are divorced, divorcing, or who have never been married. Where an Order of Child Support has already been entered, post-secondary support is often “reserved” to be addressed at such time as a child is approaching graduation from high school (or turns 18, whichever occurs last). It is critical that a Petition for post-secondary support be filed prior to expiration of the existing Order of Child Support (ie: before child turns 18 or graduation from high school, whichever occurs last).

To determine whether it is appropriate/advisable to seek post-secondary support for your child, contact Laurie Ummel or Geoff Gibbs and make an appointment for a consultation.


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