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For many people, a divorce is one of the most important personal, financial, and emotional decisions they will ever make. When individuals dissolve their marriage, they have to make critical long term decisions about their children, home, property and business interests, and debts. Because of this, we believe you should be fully informed, understand your rights and responsibilities, and know what your legal options are. Our goals for you, as our client, are that we could;

  • Deliver successful legal results

  • Provide compassionate, knowledgeable and personalized services

We provide legal services throughout the Skagit, Sound, Snohomish Counties, and the Seattle area. We’ve been able to represent many clients in divorce proceedings, including negotiation, mediation, and/or litigation regarding all of the issues that may arise from a divorce case, such as child support, child custody, spousal maintenance, and division of assets. Some examples of unique cases that we regularly handle include the following.

Complex Property and Debt Distribution:

These cases may involve community or separate property interests in family businesses, privately held companies, stock options, legal partnerships in professional practices, unique investment vehicles, division of collectables and division of debts.

Contested Child Custody:

Divorce cases that involve children can be complex and emotionally intense. The findings and opinions of court appointed investigators can significantly impact the case, and once stated, such findings or orders can be very difficult to reverse or change in the future. The need for experienced attorneys during a contested child custody case cannot be overstated, as the representation of a parent’s rights will help decide the outcome of the court ruling.

Gray Divorce:

Unique issues arise when one or both parties are over the age of 55. We have experience in delicately identifying and resolving such issues in gray divorce cases.

Military Divorce:

A military divorce case brings additional complexities, such as military retirement and military benefits, as well as processing services for deployed military personnel. Our divorce attorneys have significant experience in handling such cases.

International Divorce:

These cases are not uncommonly seen in the Pacific Northwest, and while many of them involve internationals from Canada, our divorce attorneys are experienced in handling many other international citizenships as well. These cases present unique challenges in identifying, valuing, and distributing community and separate properties located outside of the US. International treaties that govern child custody, child support, and enforcement of rulings must also be carefully navigated by a divorce attorney.

Same Sex Divorce:

Members of the LGBT community are forced to navigate a continually evolving legal environment. Our family law attorneys frequently handle cases of family law rights and responsibilities pertaining to same sex unions.

High Conflict Litigation:

While some divorce cases may be successfully resolved through methods of negotiation, such as mediation, some cases are not. These high-conflict cases that move to trial require a highly experienced divorce litigator. We’ve provided these services to the communities of Skagit County and Snohomish County for many years.

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