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Law Seminars and Training in Everett, WA

Trainings Available Upon Request

These trainings are available upon request. They can occur at a location of the employers’ choice – whether it be at the employers’ business, at the Anderson Hunter Law Firm, or another suitable venue.

Anti-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment

This training provides the basics of discrimination and harassment and provides tips on how to avoid being the recipient of a discrimination complaint and what to do when discrimination occurs. It is essential in the environment of #MeToo movement.

Supervisors 101

Ensure your supervisors are familiarized with the employment law basics. This training will provide an introduction on a breadth of issues, including recognizing requests for leave and disability accommodations, conducting effective performance reviews, and knowing when to coordinate with HR.

Performance Reviews, Progressive Discipline, & Thoughtful Termination

Learn how to provide effective performance reviews, work through the progressive discipline chain, and decrease liability when conducting terminations. This training will provide tips on navigating discipline in the context of complex leave laws. It is tailored for HR professionals & all levels of management.

If you are interested in any of the above-trainings or would like a custom training designed for you, contact attorney Jordan Stephens at

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