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Hiring a lawyer is always an important decision. By hiring legal representation or council, you are deciding who will guide some of the most critical decisions in your life, which can have a lasting impact on you and your loved ones. No matter the legal situation, it is always critical to research and find the best attorney to handle your specific case.

Choosing the Best Attorney

Whenever you are seeking legal advice it is important to research and ask questions while looking for representation or council. Here are a few great questions to start with.

  1. How many years has this attorney been practicing law?
  2. What is their case history (wins vs losses)?
  3. Do they work alone or as part of a team?
  4. What is their fee structure, and can they give a cost estimate?

It is always important to choose an attorney will deep experience in cases similar to your’s. Many attorneys specialize in one or more areas of law such as personal injury, Family Law, and Criminal Defense. As legal experts with deep roots in Everett Washington, we have collected some of the best lawyers in different specialties whose knowledge and care you can trust.

The Best Family Lawyers in Everett

Family Lawyers in EverettFamily law is a broad category encompassing many different types of cases. Included under this umbrella are cases involving Divorce, Custody, Child support, Adoption, and other domestic issues.

Family law often deals with sensitive topics and difficult situations where it is important to work with an attorney that can work closely with you through a potentially difficult time. It is always important to choose an attorney you feel comfortable with, but this is especially true when sensitive relationships or situations are present. Use this valuable resource to help you find the right Family law attorney.

At Anderson Hunter we specialize in Family law, working to provide you with thorough and caring support. Our experienced and award-winning family law attorneys have decades of cases helping people through complicated issues.

The Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Everett

Criminal defense demands years of trial experience, making it critical to find an attorney with plenty of experience with cases like yours. If you are under investigation, have been charged with a crime, or have already been arrested, it is important to research and find the most experienced legal counsel you can.

One of the top rated criminal defense specialists in Everett is Cogdill Nichols Rein Wartelle Andrews (CNRWA). They have years of experience protecting their clients’ interests in the courtroom. CNRWA offers experienced trial lawyers, and also offers deep experience in employment law, giving them the knowledge to protect their criminal defense clients’ jobs.

The Best Employment Law Attorneys in Everett

Employment Law AttorneysEmployment lawyers can help you resolve employment issues for both employees and employers. This includes workplace harassment, wrongful termination, termination council, discrimination, and wage issues. Employment attorneys can be an invaluable resource for council in any difficult situation between a current or former employee and employer.

There are several great employment attorneys in Everett including:

At Anderson Hunter, employment law is one of our specialties. We work with primarily with employers to give legal counsel and legal services including employment contracts, benefit claims, and grievance arbitrations. Our knowledgeable employment law attorneys have decades of experience helping people through complicated issues. Click here to find out more.

Genesis Law’s attorneys have years of experience helping employees and employers through complicated situations.

The Best Personal Injury Attorneys in Everett

Personal injury cases benefit greatly from an experienced legal council. Navigating treatments, medical bills, insurance companies, and legal proceedings around personal injury can be extremely complicated. It is important to always work with an attorney with court room experience, even if you hope to settle out of court.

At Anderson Hunter, personal injury law is one of our specialties. If you have been injured due to the negligence of another, you have a legal right to fair compensation for your injuries. Our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys have decades of experience helping people receive fair compensation for their injuries. Click here to find out more about how Anderson Hunter can help you.

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