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In today’s world, we place a lot of emphasis on preserving the environment. Many laws affecting business operations aim to protect the air, water, and soil around us. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes challenging to figure out which laws apply to you and how to follow them without an environmental attorney to help.

If your business plans to build or conduct activities that could affect the environment, it’s a good idea to talk to a lawyer first. Consulting with an environmental or municipal attorney can help you avoid making legally costly mistakes. You can leave the expertise to your lawyer as they guide you through your situation and help you address any environmental concerns.

The role of an environmental attorney is more important than ever in the modern business landscape. Whether you’re a corporation planning new developments or a small business dealing with environmental law compliance issues, an environmental attorney is essential.

Here are some scenarios where it is a good idea to call a local attorney.


When to Hire an Environmental Attorney

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1. You plan to build on a plot of land.

If you have an empty plot of land you want to build on, you should consult with an environmental attorney first. Beginning a construction or development project requires careful consideration of environmental regulations. 

You may also need to identify any environmental risks associated with the site you plan to build on. For example, if protected habitats or endangered species exist on the land you want to build on, that may impact your construction plans. Construction projects can unintentionally impact these species or the larger environment, leading to a liability issue.

Environmental attorneys assist in identifying and addressing these liabilities. They can also help you navigate the permits, assessments, and compliance measures needed for your project. If you hire an environmental attorney, they can develop strategies to minimize your risk of liability damages.


2. Your business may have caused pollution.

It’s easy for businesses to contribute to environmental pollution without intending to. Pollution from manufacturing processes or waste disposal can affect air, water, or soil quality. 

If you think your business could be affecting its surroundings, an environmental attorney will evaluate the situation to identify potential sources of pollution. They can then create a strategy for compliance with environmental laws.

An environmental attorney can also mitigate your financial risk if legal proceedings are brought against you regarding pollution. With a lawyer’s expertise, developing a strong defense for a favorable outcome is easier.


3. You need to use large amounts of water for irrigation or other purposes.

Businesses relying on substantial water usage for irrigation, manufacturing, or other purposes must comply with water regulations. An environmental attorney can assist in getting water permits, providing you with the necessary tools to follow the local, state, and federal rules.

An environmental attorney can also help guide you in the best water usage practices. They may be able to offer strategies for efficient water management, recommending methods to reduce water consumption, minimize waste, and ensure sustainable use of water resources.


4. Your business may affect the surrounding soil quality.

Industries dealing with soil excavation must follow conservation regulations. An environmental attorney can help you learn when you are required to conduct soil assessments, guide you in implementing remediation measures, and navigate the legal intricacies around soil conservation. They will ensure you stay in compliance with soil-related laws and regulations.

You wouldn’t want to find yourself in a situation where your business has contaminated the soil it is built on. An environmental attorney will help identify any challenges that can arise and help you to reduce your ecological impact.


5. You have toxic waste you need to dispose of.

No one can dump hazardous waste just anywhere, at least not from a legal perspective. Businesses and individuals alike are required to handle and dispose of it properly.

An attorney experienced in environmental law can help you develop waste management strategies. They will help you ensure compliance with local waste disposal protocols. Their work can mitigate potential liabilities from mishandling or improperly disposing of toxic waste.


How An Environmental Attorney Can Help Your Business

Municipal and environmental attorneys are like expert guides for businesses, helping them stay on the right path regarding various rules and regulations. You can speak with one if you have any questions about environmental regulations, big or small. Staying in contact with a lawyer saves you time and struggles down the road as you start your building or industry project.

If your business has run into legal trouble for its potential impact on its surroundings, a lawyer can help navigate you through the process. They can help you follow all the correct rules in your project or defend you if you’ve been accused of violating an environmental regulation. An attorney specializing in environmental law will provide the best representation and defense for your business.

It also helps to know someone familiar with local environmental laws when you start a business or make plans to build on a piece of land. Environmental regulations can vary from city to city and change at any time, so having the expertise of a lawyer who regularly handles environmental issues in the area can make a big difference. An environmental attorney will set you up for success as you follow the local, state, and federal laws. In the end, your partnership will reduce the risk of fines, penalties, and legal disputes.

Before you start any project, an attorney can conduct thorough environmental due diligence, identifying potential risks and liabilities. This proactive approach safeguards your business from unexpected environmental issues.


Environmental Attorneys in the Puget Sound Area

Environmental law can affect many aspects of business and life in the Puget Sound region. If you run a manufacturing or construction-related business or simply plan to build in the area, there’s a high chance you’ll need an environmental attorney at some point. 

At the Anderson Hunter Law Firm, quality service is our specialty. We have been a pillar in our community for decades, helping local businesses and industries with legal issues of all kinds. Not only do we work in Everett and the surrounding area, but our municipal and environmental attorneys live locally as well. Our firm is deeply connected to the Puget Sound community as a whole. 

If you have a business or project that may be subject to environmental regulations, Anderson Hunter can help with your legal needs. Contact one of our environmental attorneys today to learn how we can help.

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