No matter where you are in your home selling journey, it can seem like a daunting process. You may be wondering if seeking legal counsel would help your situation.

Here is how a real estate attorney can help you sell your home and avoid legal issues.

What Does a Real Estate Attorney Do During the Sale Process?

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Real estate attorneys can help in a variety of ways. For most home sellers, the main things an attorney can help with are:

Reviewing purchase contracts

Attorneys can aid you in reviewing, drafting, and understanding the content in purchase contracts. These contracts include potential negotiable issues such as the timeline for closing the property, a home inspection, and a title search.

Previewing closing documents

There are many closing documents involved in selling a home, and an experienced attorney can help you navigate and understand the contents therein. These include mortgage documents, financing, and a title review.

Situations When You May Need A Real Estate Attorney

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Selling a home in an area that requires a real estate attorney to be involved

In some areas of the country, the participation of a real estate attorney is required in order to sell your property. Washington State does not require a real estate attorney, but nearly half the states in the U.S. do. If you plan on selling a property on the East Coast, South, or Midwestern portions of the country, check the state’s requirements before getting started.

Special types of real estate sales

There are unique types of real estate transactions that would benefit from the help of a real estate attorney. Some of these include selling the house as part of an estate sale, short sale, or auction. These transactions are different from the traditional home-selling process, as are the laws surrounding homes sold in these ways. An attorney can help you navigate the process of a special type of real estate sale and make sure everything is handled properly.

Selling a home for a divorce settlement

A real estate lawyer can assist in dividing proceeds in accordance with the divorce settlement while accounting for any additional fees and payments, such as a remaining mortgage. They will also mediate any remaining disputes the divorcees have in regards to selling and distributing the estate.

Distributing a deceased family member’s estate

When it comes to handling a deceased family member’s property, it can be hard to grieve and ready a property for sale at the same time. A real estate attorney can help you through this process, including setting up an estate sale, distributing assets between beneficiaries, and navigating the taxes involved.

Selling a home with structural damage

Homes that have suffered structural damage may require some additional steps in order to be sold. Inspections need to be done, and any distress needs to be documented and shared with potential buyers. An attorney will walk you through the steps, making sure everything is handled properly so you don’t fall into legal trouble after the sale.

Selling a home with liens

If you have a lien on your property, you may need additional help in selling the house. You may have trouble selling the house for its full worth, and some prospective buyers may be put off from buying entirely. An attorney can help you sort out the legalities and ensure that the lien isn’t keeping you from successfully completing the sale to your satisfaction.

How to Find A Real Estate Attorney

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There are many ways to find a real estate attorney in your area. One way is to search for reputable local law firms online. You can also ask friends and family for recommendations or contact the bar association in your state. Most importantly, do your own research to ensure that the practice is legitimate and the attorney is a match for your needs.

Choose the Anderson Hunter Law Firm For Real Estate Law

There are many advantages of hiring a lawyer to help you sell your property. A real estate attorney can help you sell your home if you are in an unusual situation or the home is in an area where an attorney is required.

The Anderson Hunter Law Firm has been serving the Everett community since 1893, and we are intimately familiar with the real estate laws in Washington State. If you are selling your Western Washington home, contact our real estate attorneys today.

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