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Going through an injury can be a traumatic and taxing event. In addition to the physical pain and stress, financial and day-to-day struggles can make the situation worse. Between doctors appointments, physical therapy, or dealing with insurance, the process can be extremely stressful and draining. For many, the idea of adding an attorney and legal proceedings into the mix can be daunting, but often it is the best option and can even simplify the process.

When to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you’ve been injured due to negligence in an auto accident, product defects, premise defects, or any other situation where someone else’s negligence or neglect resulted in your injury, you may be a candidate for personal injury representation. It is your legal right to recover fair compensation for all injuries and damages you incur.

It is a good idea to consult with an attorney if your injuries are severe, resulting in expensive medical bills, hospitalization, lost wages, or other damages. Your case’s value is determined by the extent of your injuries and their impact on your life. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you recover these damages and work with insurance companies on your behalf.

It is especially important to consult a personal injury attorney if your injuries will impact your future earnings and/or quality of life. Most attorneys don’t charge upfront for personal injury cases, instead, they take a percentage of any settlement money or a percentage of money awarded if the case goes to court. For this reason, a good attorney will only take your case if they believe there is a high likelihood of a good outcome.

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Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney Gives You Peace of Mind

injury after car accidentInjury may result in lots of stress and complicated procedures. One of the best reasons to hire a personal injury attorney is to have a source of information and help through the ordeal. An experienced personal injury attorney can walk you through the situation, giving you advice and guidance.

In some cases, your attorney will deal with any involved insurance companies directly, freeing up your time and energy to focus on healing from your injuries. In addition, your attorney will often handle billing from medical providers, making sure that you aren’t overly burdened.

While it is possible to handle your personal injury case yourself, doing so may result in less financial benefit, and will put an extra burden of stress on you. For minor cases, this may be a good option, but in any major injury, it is important to focus on your own health and leave legal proceedings to an experienced professional.

Anderson Hunter

Anderson Hunter is the largest private law firm in Snohomish County. We have the resources to advance your claim against well-financed insurance companies. While most law firms charge a contingency fee of 33%, and, often as much as 40% of your gross recovery, at Anderson Hunter, our contingency fees start at 20% for serious injury cases.

Our personal injury specialists are John “Jack” A. Follis and Nicole Franklin. They bring decades of personal injury experience and are dedicated to helping you achieve a fair outcome.

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