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Divorce is a difficult and emotional time for every family. It is also a series of decisions, compromises, meetings, and finally, a court decision that will affect your life and your children’s lives very significantly for a long time. Ensuring that you have the best legal advice and experienced representation will help you to walk out of your divorce case well-provided for and well-prepared for the future, but it is just as important that you learn about the process yourself.

Download our free eBook compilation of information that will help you to prepare for a possible divorce. We cover all of the important topics and frequently asked questions for the major aspects of the divorce process. If you have any additional questions, you can call our office to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced divorce attorneys.

The eBook includes the following chapters covering the most relevant aspects of the divorce process:

  • Introduction: The Legal Checklist for Divorce → Are you prepared for divorce? Assess your situation and whether or not you are ready for a divorce in this introduction.

  • Chapter 1: Equitable Division of Property → Learn about how your assets and debts will be both considered and divided, and the factors that determine how this is done.

  • Chapter 2: Spousal Support / Alimony → Understand why and when spousal support is assigned and whether it may be expected of you.

  • Chapter 3: Child Custody → Learn about the process of deciding child custody and how you can be prepared and affect the ruling.

  • Chapter 4: Child Support → Child support is a common aspect that must be addressed in a divorce. Learn what you will need to know to help you navigate this determination.

  • Chapter 5: The Cost of Divorce → Get an idea of what you may be facing in legal fees, attorneys fees, and other personal costs to help you prepare for your divorce case.

  • Chapter 6: The Process of Mediation → This process is an important aspect to successfully resolving your divorce case. Read this chapter to learn about the process and how it can impact your outcome.

  • Conclusion

Let us help you come out of your divorce process ready for your future. Download our free eBook on the Divorce Process and learn as much as you can about this very important step in your life.

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