Are you a business owner considering hiring a lawyer to help with your employment-related matters? If you are, don’t hesitate. Getting an experienced attorney on your side will benefit your business now and well into the future.

There are many essential legal services a business lawyer can perform for your workplace. Here are several reasons why your business needs an employment attorney.

Routine Legal Advice

There are many aspects of a business that an employment attorney can help you with. These include everything from reviewing employment agreements to helping you navigate employee leave and accommodation requests.

An attorney can also help you navigate taxes and assist you in drawing up contracts. They will ensure that you understand which laws will impact your business and that you are familiar with the legal lingo included within them.

Staying Up to Date on Legal Changes

Employment Attorney

Many employment laws are changed and modified all the time, and you may not have the time or resources to keep your business abreast of the changes. On the other hand, business lawyers always have an eye on these developments and will keep you up-to-date on any updates pertinent to your business.

At the Anderson Hunter Law Firm, we send out a quarterly newsletter to update our clients on all the recent changes in employment law, as well as conducting regular seminars.

Employee Handbook Audits

An employment lawyer can go over your employee handbook to ensure that the policies in it are fair and compliant with the current laws. This process includes checking the language to make certain the wording is not too vague and does not create any unintended obligations. 

Your employment lawyer can also advise you on how to change or update your policies.

Wage and Hour Audits

A business attorney will review your wage and hour practices to make sure you are not breaking any related laws. They can help you ensure that employees are properly classified as either exempt or non-exempt from federal and state minimum wage and overtime requirements, as well as checking that independent contractors are treated properly.

A wage and hour audit will help you ensure everything is in compliance in case an employee lodges a complaint or the government audits your business’s books.

Personnel Investigations

An employment attorney can help you investigate any and all workplace allegations. Examples include allegations of harassment, discrimination, or other complaints. 

If someone at your company has been accused of misconduct, an employment lawyer can help guide you through the investigation process and any legal challenges you or your company may face.


It is always a good idea to strike a professional relationship with a business lawyer from the onset of your business endeavors. This is so you don’t have to scramble to find one when you’re already embroiled in a lawsuit or have a claim made against you. 

An experienced attorney will represent you in court, make sure all the correct paperwork is in order, and give you the best defense they can offer to protect you and your business.

Hire an Employment Attorney Today

An employment attorney can give your business essential legal services, helping to prevent any potential legal troubles that may impact your business in the future.

If you live and do business in the Everett area, the Anderson Hunter Law Firm has experienced lawyers who are ready to help. Get in touch with an employment attorney today.

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