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If you’ve recently suffered a major loss or injury, you probably understand the frustration of working directly with insurance companies.

If your insurance company isn’t paying what you think it should, or you’re not sure what your rights are in a situation, it may be time to hire legal representation. Talking to an insurance lawyer can help you dispel doubts, learn and stand up for your rights, and get the coverage you deserve. If you feel like you’ve hit a wall with your insurance company, now is the time to talk to an attorney.

What Does an Insurance Lawyer Do?

An insurance lawyer can help you understand your rights and find out if your insurance company is treating you unfairly. They can represent you in court if the insurance company isn’t paying out as agreed. They can also deal with other insurance companies if the dispute involves other parties.

When you hire an insurance attorney, you can ask them to talk to your insurer for you or request advice on continuing to communicate with your insurance company. If the insurance company digs in its heels, it’s best to let a legal professional take over communications.

When Do I Need an Insurance Lawyer?

You may wish to speak with an insurance lawyer if you are unsure whether your insurance company is treating you fairly. A qualified insurance lawyer will be able to interpret your agreement with your insurance agency and advise on whether the company is acting in accordance.

You don’t necessarily need an insurance lawyer for every claim. If your insurer is responding well to your communications and they are adhering to all agreements, you may be just fine on your own. Nevertheless, many people find that they need professional help to get an insurance claim paid on time and in full.

You may need an insurance attorney if:

  • Your insurance company isn’t covering something it should
  • You were in an accident involving someone else and their insurance company isn’t paying
  • You are unable to obtain insurance
  • A family member has passed away and life insurance isn’t paying out

If you know that the insurance company is acting unfairly and you wish to file for a lawsuit, you should work with an insurance attorney. A qualified legal professional can take you through the process and improve your chances of winning a settlement or otherwise receiving payment for damages.

Regardless of the situation, an attorney can help you get the respect and payment you deserve.

Insurance Lawyers in Western Washington

The Anderson Hunter Law Firm has an active practice defending insured individuals and businesses in the Puget Sound region. Our representation includes the interpretation of various types of insurance contracts, auto, homeowners, commercial liability, and specialized insurance policies.

Our roots trace back to the founding of Everett. Since then, we have helped many individuals and businesses with insurance claims.

Our expert attorneys can help you with claims from personal injuries, injuries from operating equipment, and many other common types of insurance claims. Contact us today to get in touch with a qualified insurance lawyer.

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