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At Anderson Hunter we understand the nature of Bipolar disorder and how it can prevent you from being able to work on a full-time, regular basis. We know that every case is unique. If you hire us, we will immediately meet with you to learn more about you and how your Bipolar disorder impacts you, so we can better strategize to win your case.


Your emotions can cycle between feeling really up and feeling really down. When you are up you may have difficulty sleeping, feel more irritable or anxious, and have racing thoughts that interfere with your ability to complete anything. When you are down, you may have little energy. You may feel tearful, irritable, hopeless or worthless. You may become withdrawn and isolate.

Often times the medications that are prescribed for Bipolar disorder will help with the highs or mania, but they do not help control the depression as well.

If your symptoms from Bipolar disorder are preventing you from working, you may be eligible for benefits through Social Security.

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