Author: Anderson Hunter

Criminal Defense FAQS

There is no set date. How long it will take to formally charge you varies from court to court. Please keep your eyes on your incoming mail as that is how you will be notified about your first court date. Your lawyer will also keep track of that for you.


What To Expect After Being Charged With A Crime

Instead of imposing bail or bond, the judge can release you with certain conditions. Generally these conditions include that you are to have law-abiding behavior and attend all future hearings. In the cases involving suspected use of alcohol or drugs, the judge will likely require that you not consume alcohol or non-prescribed drugs.


Mediation FAQS

Settlement negotiations, offers of settlement and related information exchanged during a settlement conference or mediation are “confidential” and cannot be introduced in court at a later time (with a few rare or limited exceptions).


Who Owns Your Healthcare Information?

When you go to the doctor and have your annual physical, a record of that encounter is created. In the old days your doctor would hand-write a note or dictate comments to be transcribed into your chart. Today she will likely type an entry into your electronic medical record. But who owns your healthcare information?


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