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What are Temporary Orders During a Divorce?

At the beginning of a divorce, during the initial filing of the petition paperwork, your lawyer may suggest filing a motion for temporary orders. Temporary orders are used to establish agreement between the couple in regards to how matters involving finances, assets and children should be handled during the divorce proceedings.


Divorce: A Step by Step Process

There many are different paths that lead individuals or couples to file for divorce. However, the State of Washington is a no-fault divorce state. This means that the reason for filing for divorce is not taken into consideration during the process itself. Regardless of the path that initiates the process, there is a standard path for divorce proceedings.


Land Use Law in Snohomish County

Land use laws regulate comprehensive planning, zoning, and development of public and private real estate. A common form of land-use laws are zoning regulations, which are put in place by local municipalities and impact local property development.


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