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Qualifying for Social Security Benefits

In order to be eligible for disability benefits, you must not be working at a level where you are earning substantial gainful activity. This means you are not earning over $1090/month in gross earnings. Ideally, in order to qualify for benefits you would not be working or are working and earning a very minimal amount. You must prove that you have been unable to work for 12 months or that your disability will prevent you from working for 12 months.


Unable to work at age 50 or older

The Social Security Disability rules change in your favor after the age of 50, and again at the age of 55. If you have a physical disability or a combination of physical and mental disabilities that prevents you from working a job that requires you to be on your feet most of the day, then you may be eligible for benefits through Social Security.


Social Security Disability FAQs

Most initial determinations are made between 3-4 months after you submit your completed application. If you are denied as a result of the initial determination, then you can file a request for reconsideration and SSA will reconsider your claim. On average that decision takes about 3-4 months.


Division of Assets: Logistics and Legalities of Divorce

The process of division of assets in a marriage dissolution must result in an “equitable” distribution between the parties. However, many people misinterpret “equitable” to mean “equal,” and expect the assets, property, and debts to be divided between the parties exactly in half. This is not necessarily the case.



Stressors can come from many traumatic events such as combat or time spent in service, childhood abuse, domestic violence, or witnessing a crime or violence. The effects of a stressor may not even be immediate.


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